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When I was looking for a portable ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus for my work as a phlebologist, I did not think that the device could be as light as a tablet, and at the same time give gorgeous visualization.
The company TND LLP kindly provided the device Philips InnoSight.
It really is a tablet that can be easily installed on any surface, weighing only 2.4 kg. It is truly wearable. To transport the entire set with 3 transducers to another clinic, I easily put it in a daybag. At my main job, I transported it from the office to the operating room on a comfortable and light trolley.

About visualization. Since I am an angiosurgeon, I needed good color and pulse modes. And the device has never failed. I watched the same patients with different vascular pathologies on Innosight and on a stationary device from another manufacturer.

In many cases, vascular imaging on Philips device was superior. Even small vessels were easy to locate and fix the blood flow. In pulse Doppler mode, settings can be optimized quickly. Of course, the touch screen takes some getting used to, by the end of the trial period I was already well accustomed and worked freely.
Separately, it is worth mentioning the convenience of storing images, the possibility of transferring them via USB. Thus, I did not lose the data and at any time I could return to them. Another advantage is the battery. Despite the light weight, the device can operate smoothly for 2 hours, and in hibernation mode — more than 5 hours.

In conclusion, I can say that if you need mobility and accuracy, you are a “gadgeteer”, Philips InnoSight will become your indispensable helper in your practice!

With gratitude, Angiosurgeon, phlebologist Aydashova Balzhan Bakhytovna

Aydashova Balzhan Bakhytovna
Angiosurgeon, phlebologist