Zenition 50-70

Zenition 50 with 9″ image intensifier

The Zenition 50 II9 mobile C-arm with a 9″ image intensifier helps you perform open surgery and complex minimally invasive procedures simply and efficiently. Unparalleled usability with a tablet-like user interface, ClearGuide and Color Coding features for easy system positioning, make this Philips image intensifier system the easiest to operate.



Main advantages:
1. Improving the performance of procedures within the operating room
Improving work process in the operating room
With an intuitive user interface.
Improved communication system for ease of positioning
The unique ClearGuide feature and C-arm color coding option provide a single guideline for operator and clinician during surgical imaging. This feature can improve communication during orthopedic and other procedures that require repositioning of the patient. This scheme is similar to a clock face indicating the direction. The set of numbers (3, 6, 9 and 12) on the image intensifier corresponds to the same set of numbers on the clinical image.
In this way, the clinician can give an unambivalent indication, such as “Turn orange in direction 3”, and the operator will know exactly which movement and direction is meant. The numbers always match, even if the image has been rotated, tilted, or mirrored.
ClearGuide: Significant reduction in positioning errors thanks to the innovative ClearGuide feature and C-arm color coding.

Zenition 70 key features:
1. Rotating anode X-ray tube with two focuses (0.3/0.6 mm) and best in class cooling performance (76 kHU/min) and continuous operation time (up to 155 min in ¼ dose pulsed mode) ensures long system lifetime and high quality diagnostics in all nosologies.
2. The latest generation flat panel detector provides unsurpassed detail of the smallest anatomical structures and allows you to display 8 times more shades of gray (contrast) compared to the image intensifier at the lowest dose rate due to the high DQE efficiency of 70%.
3. The monoblock type generator with a power of 15 kW allows you to generate accurate radiation pulses without drops and rises, thereby reducing the radiation dose, overheating and wear of the tube.
4. Touch control module for system parameters, including collimation on a real image from the touch screen
5. Microsoft Windows-based system interface with the ability to store up to 140,000 images, as well as archiving DICOM images to USB and DVD (optional)
6. Ultralight mobile viewing workstation — 140 kg
7. Colour-code tube adapter and digital coding on the detector for fast first-time positioning
8. Philips MetalSmart metal artifact elimination algorithm in real time, not in post-processing, as it is implemented on systems from other manufacturers
9. The unique one-button Automatic Shutter Positioning (ASP) feature saves time and increases patient flow.
10. Asymmetric and independent ASP makes it possible to critically reduce radiation doses to the patient and staff.
11. Fast system start-up in less than 80 seconds and offline reviewing and processing of patient data at the workstation without turning on the C-arm provides the maximum optimization of the work process.
12. Patented dose reduction technology (Dose Wise), combining unique tube filters, imaging modes and an X-ray beam collimation system, reduces the dose load on the patient and medical personnel by up to 40% to 75% compared to analogues.

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