Medical ambulance

A complex of mobile emergency medical care for linear, cardiological, resuscitation teams and intensive care teams.

We offer the production of Complexes based on GAZelle NEXT, Gazelle business, GAZelle Sobol business, UAZ, Lada Largus, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ford and Hyundai vehicles, which are assembled and completed on our own assembly line. Vehicles can be supplied with both petrol and diesel engines, with different transmissions and drivetrains.


The complex includes medical equipment, medical products and auxiliary equipment, which is installed in a sealed all-metal van on the chassis of a mobile platform.

All offered medical equipment has registration certificates and type approval certificates for measuring instruments.

The medical equipment included in the complex is portable with the ability to operate from its own batteries (capacity, according to the technical characteristics of the medical equipment) or a mobile platform powered by a line supply.

The mobile platform has: a salon with two compartments — a compartment for the driver and a medical compartment; wheelbase, fuel tank, engine; doorways; lighting, heating and ventilation systems; comfortable steps for entering the vehicle; medical equipment fixing devices and seat belts; teint and colour scheme of the vehicle is made in accordance with order No. 811 of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and СТ РК 1863-2008 or in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Possibility of equipping cars with specialized medical equipment (for neonatal resuscitation, cardio resuscitation, air ambulance, disaster medicine, etc.).

We guarantee:
— Individual approach to each client.
— High security class.
— Technical reliability.
— Vehicle resistance to harsh weather and road conditions.
— Large selection of medical equipment for the vehicle.
— Possibility of manufacturing vehicles taking into account all the wishes of the customer.


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