FlexiDiagnost digital X-ray system manufactured by Philips Healthcare

With the application of the new generation of FlexiDiagnost family of systems, Philips has continued to develop cost-effective, multi purpose radiography products — today we launch the Value system, which offers more versatility in a number of areas.

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This system offers not only a high level of reliability due to Philips’ award-winning DR technology, but also an efficient work process and excellent imaging quality. Equipped with a portable wireless detector and a height-adjustable table, it allows you to perform a variety of examinations with the highest efficiency in one radiographic room. Your patients will benefit from the rapidity of the examinations. Your institution’s reputation is enhanced by delivering high quality DR imaging services from Philips, one of the world’s leading providers in healthcare.
The multifunctionality of the system-“workhorse” contributes to a quick return on investment
High reliability thanks to proven DR technology from Philips, one of the leading innovators in DR
Equipped with additional options, the FlexiDiagnost system supports connection to DICOM-compatible workstations, archives and printers.

Areas of use:
FlexiDiagnost can perform general examinations in radiology departments. Full versatility is ensured by the possibility of manual control.

The user has the following exposure methods at his disposal:
Exposures with a detector in the vertical, horizontal and/or oblique direction of the radiation beam
Random exposure method with CR and film holders.

Main Facilities:

  • Increase system efficiency and throughput with holderless operation and unique dual detector design.
  • Automated image processing.
  • The wireless detector (35×43 cm, 14×17 inches) allows you to perform diagnostic studies in both horizontal and vertical positions.
  • Manual collimation
  • Manual geometry control
  • User-replaceable bucky.

Completing units:

  • Digital flat panel detector
  • Multifunctional bucky floor unit
  • Workstation with consistent user interface


1. Digital flat panel detector
Wireless detector
Detector with a field of 35×43 cm (14×17 inches)
Resolution 2880 x 2400 px
Pixel pitch 0.148 mm
Screen depth 16 bit

2. Multifunctional Bucky table
Manual control of all stand and bucky movements. The FlexiDiagnost system features a floor-mounted table and an X-ray tube that can be centered on the detector for maximum speed, accuracy and ease of patient positioning. Depending on the user’s preference, the system is available with a fixed or variable SID.
FlexiDiagnost system is designed around user experience and work process efficiency. This means that users are always provided with convenience and flexibility when positioning the patient. The ComfortAlign feature allows technicians to be on one side of a tube stand or vertical wall stand and operate as well as center the tube in relation to the vertical wall stand.
Patient table:
Electric table height adjustment in the range of 51.5–75 cm
Max. patient weight: 210 kg
Table top dimensions: 240×75 cm
Table top travel
Longitudinal: ± 50cm
Transverse: ± 13cm
Stand Bucky (Vertical wall stand):
Vertical travel: 35–185 cm
X-ray tube stand
Longitudinal travel: 135 cm
Vertical travel: 35–185 cm
Rotation of the tube around the vertical axis: -180° to +90°
Source to image distance (SID): 110–250 cm
X-ray tube rotation: from +120° to -120°

3. Workstation with consistent user interface
The Eleva workstation, completes the system with a simple user interface optimized for the technician’s work.
Completing units:
PC, keyboard and mouse
Ready for use with DICOM Media feature
Essential application for study graphing, image display, data viewing, image editing and exams
Simple and workflow-optimized user interface
Image verification performed on a completely processed image
UNIQUE, a best-in-class multi-resolution imaging application, produces high quality images ideal for electronic and film viewing.
Full rendering cycle with a pixel depth of 12 bits (acquisition of images, as well as their processing, saving and exporting). Provides optimal image quality at all stages.
A feature of the DICOM gray scale display standard that guarantees a compatible representation of images on screen and on PACS systems or film.
User password protection (login, logout) to protect data and privacy.
19″ TFT color LCD flat panel display with touch data input.
Takes full advantage of FlexiDiagnost’s advanced user interface and is easy to operate.
Optimizes work process and improves efficiency
Combines the space-saving benefits of flat screen technology with the convenience of touch input.
High-purity glass touch screen for superior image clarity and resolution, excellent light transmission and long life.
Durable scratch-resistant glass surface.
Uses best-in-class surface acoustic wave (also known as SAW) sensor technology that allows you to operate with your finger, gloved hand or soft stylus.
Completing units:
TFT active matrix LCD touch panel with anti-reflective coating, solid outer housing
Display matrix: 1280 x 1024, horizontal
Screen working area size: 19 inches (48.2 cm) diagonal
Fast response: 25 ms typ.
Small pixel pitch: 0.376 mm
High brightness of the touch screen: 276 Cd/m2
High contrast ratio: 700:1
Wide viewing angles: horizontal +/-85°, vertical +/-85°

4. Advanced UNIQUE image processing software
UNIQUE’s advanced multi-resolution image processing software allows you to use the “Contrast Harmonization” function to optimize contrast. Details are enhanced while overall perception remains natural. When used in combination with PCR UNIQUE, the image experience is the same on both systems.

5. AMPLIMAT camera
AMPLIMAT camera with 3 measuring fields

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