Access CT 16

CT scanner Access 16-slice configuration

Now the features of the system you need for your work are more accessible. The Access CT system uses proven Philips advanced technologies to improve diagnostic accuracy at an attractive total cost.

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Improving diagnostic accuracy and high image quality
iDose4 is a trouble-free and reputable technology used in high-end Philips CT systems. The use of this technology in the Access CT system is one of the factors that provide such high image quality at low radiation exposure.iDose4 technology tailors image quality to individual patients and improves image quality* by reducing artefacts and increasing spatial resolution at low radiation dose. It also allows to increase the efficiency of using the tube.

High image quality even for small patients
The 70 kV scan mode, a first in this class of system, helps improve scan quality in children and small patients at low radiation exposure and protect radiosensitive organs. In this mode, the dose reduction can be up to 20% compared to the 80 kV mode.

Workflow optimization and improved data consistency
iFlow’s intelligent workflow technology provides automated tools to streamline and improve workflow efficiency, helping you scan with high throughput capacity, low operating costs, and efficient use of all available training resources.

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