Eonis 22″ Option BL

Eonis 22″ (MDRC-2222 Option BL)

  • 22 megapixel clinical examination display for reviewing clinical data and images in all departments of the hospital.
  • 22″ display for reviewing clinical images
  • Front panel sensor ensures consistent, stable image
  • Quality management remote controls
  • It combines consistent, high image quality with an attractive, multi purpose, network-controlled design.


Unrivaled image quality
Image consistency makes it easier for collaboration of specialists. They can discuss images with colleagues in different departments of the medical facility, confident that everyone sees identical images.

Supervisory quality control
Acclaimed in hospitals around the world, MediCal QAWeb allows IT staff and PACS administrators to centrally and remotely manage image quality across the entire healthcare facility with the touch of a button.

Comfortable design, perfect fit

Technical characteristics
LCD screen technology
Active screen size (diagonal) 546 mm (21.5″)
Active screen size (W x H) 476 x 268 mm (18.7 x 10.5 inches)
Aspect ratio (W:H) 16:9
Resolution 2 MP (1920 x 1080)
Pixel pitch 0.248 mm
Color rendering Yes
Viewing angle (H, V) 178°
Contrast ratio (nominal for panel) 1000:1
Video inputs 1x DVI-I
1x DisplayPort

Additional information

Brand name

Barco, Belgium

The Belgian company BARCO has been developing and manufacturing professional imaging equipment since 1934. The company is unique in that it creates a wide range of products for the professional and corporate market: projectors, large video wall panels, wireless collaborative presentation systems, LED panels, medical monitors. Barco is a leader in medical imaging and has a strong reputation for providing the right graphics solutions for this market. Barco projection solutions are characterized by high performance, ease of operation, durability and low cost.


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