Avalon CL

Avalon CL wireless transducers workstation

The Philips Avalon CL wireless fetal monitoring solution helps to optimize the workspace by reducing the amount of cables in the obstetric unit and expands measurement capabilities that even allow you to evaluate the heart rate of triplet babies.


Avalon CL advantages:
Supports all fetal monitor measurements;
Allows monitoring while walking and in the water;
High capacity battery in transducers;
Compactness and small weight.
Particular qualities

Cord-free allows mother to move freely
Avalon CL will help make childbearing more comfortable without affecting the quality of fetal monitoring. The system allows the mother to move freely, as well as choose different ways of giving birth. With no wires to connect, clinicians can focus on patient comfort.

Monitoring of twins, triplets and mother
Avalon CL supports standard measurements and provides continuous wireless monitoring of fetal heart rate in twins and triplets, as well as non-invasive BP and SpO2 in the mother. The patented Smart Pulse technology can detect heart rate coincidence by automatically comparing maternal and fetal heart rate to give you the control you need.
Wireless technology in obstetric unit

Avalon CL supports Avalon Fetal Monitors.
Wireless transducers transmit maternal and fetal data to the fetal monitor via a base workstation, from which the information can be sent to the IntelliSpace Perinatal data management system.
Three transducer types

Three types of wireless transducers are available.
The ultrasonic transmitter measures the heart rate and records the movements of the fetus. The Toco+MP transducer measures uterine activity, maternal pulse and ECG, fetal ECG or intrauterine pressure. The ECG/Intrauterine pressure transducer measures maternal or fetal ECG or intrauterine pressure.

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