– Avalon FM30 –

The Avalon FM30 fetal monitor provides comfortable continuous fetal monitoring, prenatal and intranatal.

Designed for the comfort of mothers and obstetric teams, the flexible system measures fetal external heart rate and movement with an ultrasound transducer, uterine contractions with a Current Transducer, and maternal ECG via ECG electrodes.

It is used from the beginning of contractions until the end of childbearing.


The Avalon FM30 Fetal Monitor also offers the possibility to assess a wide range of fetal extrinsic and intrinsic metrics such as ultrasound data, direct measurement of fetal heart rate, current and intrauterine pressure, as well as heart rate, ECG, SpO2 (optional), blood pressure (optional) from the mother. Review maternal and fetal ECG on a large color display.

• Sharply defined and clear color touch display with intuitive operation, containing a large number of numerical indicators and graphs

• Keeping a memory backup for continuously running monitors

• LAN interface for compatibility with hospital IT networks and access to additional system features

• “Smart” transducers with auto-detection for easier operation

• Plug and play transducer with automatic screen adjustment allows you to focus on the patient and not on the technical details of the system

• Data buffer with the ability to save data from different patients for arbitrary printing

• Cross-verification of maternal and fetal heart rate

Philips offers a wide range of mounting and fixing mechanisms as well as high quality supplies to optimize the performance of your Philips monitor.

The Avalon FM30 fetal monitor is compatible with the Avalon CTS wireless transducer system, which gives the mother easy mobility while continuously monitoring her condition.

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