IntelliVue MX500

IntelliVue MX500 portable bedside patient monitor

The IntelliVue MX500 provides reliable monitoring in a compact design and it is easy to carry. The device in a prompt manner provides the necessary information, which allows you to sort out priorities during the care of several patients at the same time.


Particular qualities
The information you need is displayed directly on the 12-inch touch screen. With the simple interface you know from existing IntelliVue monitors, you can spend less time on training and more time on your patients.

Ideal solution for severe patients
Adjusting brightness based on lighting conditions is just one reason the IntelliVue MX450 and MX500 monitors are ideal for monitoring severe patients. For example, the brightness of the screen automatically adapts to the increasing levels of daylight in the ICU. This can be used to ensure that patients do not lose a internal sense and feel better during rehabilitation.

Monitoring during transportation
In environments with significant variation in patient severity, such as in the admission room, recovery room, conscious sedation, and neonatal ICU, patient monitors can become very difficult to perform. The IntelliVue MX450 and MX500 monitors are designed to operate in these demanding environments. The monitors are equipped with a carrying handle and can be powered by batteries; they are rugged enough to handle the rigors of in-hospital transport and are compact enough to be out of the way while on the move.

Reducing the risk of cross colonization
The IntelliVue MX450 and MX500 monitors have been designed with consideration to Infection Control requirements.

Adapting monitoring to work processes

Additional information

Brand name

– Philips –


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