Medrad Intego

MEDRAD Intego infusion line for positron-emission tomography MEDRAD Intego

Intego is an automated infusion line designed for PET radiopharmaceuticals.


Physicians can load a multi-dose bottle of 18F-FDG and 18F-NaF into the fully shielded mobile cart using the included tungsten vial container. There, users can prepare, measure, and infuse the desired dose using a simple touch screen.

In this way, greater flexibility is achieved, the working procedure is improved and the dose is set more precisely, the dosing is reproducible and is set individually for each patient.

With MEDRAD Intego, physicians can define weight-based dosing formulas to determine and prescribe the individual minimum required dose for each patient.

The accuracy and on-demand dosing capability of the MEDRAD Intego enables dose reduction for the patient, improving the quality of care. Automated operation, a combination of tungsten and lead shields, and automated dose preparation/administration in a proven reduction in operator exposure to radiation.

MEDRAD® Intego PET infusion line specifications:

  • Dose activity range: 1-25 mCi
  • Dose accuracy: ±2% of measured dose
  • Maximum radioactivity: 750 mCi for effective shielding, 700 mCi for dose preparation
  • Maximum container volume: 30 ml
  • Maximum concentration: 100 mCi/ml
  • Shielding effectiveness: < 2 mRem/h [0.02 mSv/h) at 30.5 cm (12 in) from the most active surface
  • Radiopharmaceuticals: 18 F-FDG or 18 F-NaF
  • Consumption: 1 ml/s
  • Weight: Approx 335 kg
  • Dimensions: 50.8 cm (20″) long, 68.6 cm (27″) wide, 129.5 cm (51″) high.

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Bayer Medical Care Inc., USA


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