Medrad Mark 7 ARTERION

MEDRAD Mark 7 ARTERION injection system with accessories

Mark 7 ARTERION is a new generation of injectors designed for the intravascular administration of contrast media and irrigating solution for angiography.


The Mark 7 ARTERION system takes advantage of the latest technology, making it lightweight, easy movable and simple to use.


  • Less installation and setup time, so more time with the patient.
  • A clearly visible and intuitive user interface guides you through the correct setup.
  • Necessary information is highlighted to perform injections with confidence.
  • The front-loading system simplifies set-up and ensures cleaner disassembly — the unique quality in the market.
  • The syringe provides a clear view of the contrast.
  • With a smaller base, lighter head and flexible articulated arm, the injector can move where it needs to go, even in corners.

The Mark 7 ARTERION System is the latest in the Mark angiographic injector series and incorporates variable flow capabilities with a sterile VFlow manual controller that provides the flexibility to ensure system accuracy, thereby ensuring consistent contrast delivery. The system will also give you the option to use a Twist & Go syringe and a high pressure connection system, allowing you to make connections with one hand, simplifying setup and improving your work process.

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Bayer Medical Care Inc., USA


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