Medrad Salient

MEDRAD Salient injection system with accessories

Imaxeon Pty Ltd has been designing and manufacturing high quality innovative medical devices for over 25 years. It specializes in the production of injectors for the introduction of contrast agents.

Imaxeon products incorporate the latest technological advances. They are very easy to operate while maintaining the basic capabilities of more complex systems.


The SALIENT CT Injection system, like all IMAXEON products, is designed for safety, reliability and high performance, with excellent operating effect over its lifetime.

Benefits for clinics

Reducing artefacts in images
Flushing with physiological salt solution minimizes noise bars associated with outflow from the superior vena cava into the right atrium.

Higher peak contrast Flushing with physiological salt solution provides forced movement of the contrast agent through the cardiovascular system.

Controlled timing of bolus injection of contrast agent
The physiological salt solution flush creates an intense bolus of contrast agent, allowing for precise time control

Flow of contrast agent into the vascular system
This is extremely important in multislice CT scans.
optimizing the use of the contrast agent. Flushing with physiological salt solution avoids the accumulation of contrast agent in the veins and connecting tube.

Injector head

  • Models Salient S — with one syringe and Salient D — with two syringes
  • Touch screen with intuitive menu icons
  • Maximum generated pressure — 300 psi
  • Flow rate — 0.1 to 10 ml/s
  • Multi-phase protocols — up to 6 phases per protocol, storing up to 20 protocols in memory under their own names
  • Contrast gain rate — up to 10 ml/s
  • Powered by built-in batteries

Remote control

  • The Wi-Fi enabled control system keeps your Salient injector wirelessly connected and mobile.
  • Full control of the injector protocol: all actions are performed from the control room.
  • Pressure and infusion rates are measured in real time.
  • The touchscreen-centric interface provides all the benefits of a touchscreen tablet PC.
  • The system stores information about injections performed (up to 100).
  • Secure autonomous dedicated peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection between the injector and the remote control unit.


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