Medrad Spectris Solaris

MEDRAD Spectris Solaris EP injector system for MRI

Automatic injector for magnetic resonance imaging.


Injection system for MRI
Registration number: РК-МТ-7№010825 dated 15.01.2013
Automatic injector for magnetic resonance imaging.

Easy to operate

  • Improved multi-button color touch screen.
  • Six user-programmable operating phases provide even more flexibility.
  • The independent Keep Vein Open function allows the doctor to devote more time to the patient.
  • Larger 115 ml physiological salt solution syringe-flask allows for longer KVO mode and multiple flushing capability.

Syringes-flasks with a capacity of 65 ml for contrast agent and 115 ml for physiological salt solution are part of a single fluid supply system.
The design of low pressure catheters prevents dead spots in the T-connector where loss of contrast agent can occur.
Transparent cylinder design with molded FluidDots ® markings allows you to determine the presence of air in the syringe-flask.


  • Batteries with extended life and increased capacity.
  • Ongoing support from MEDRAD with the highest level of service and unsurpassed product reliability.


  • Fiber optic technology provides a direct and reliable connection.
  • The equipment is intended for use with any value of the magnetic field induction of the MRI scanner up to 3.0 T inclusive


  • Syringe-flask A: From 0.5 ml to maximum syringe capacity: 0.5–31 ml in 0.1 ml increments; in 1 ml increments starting at 31 ml.
  • Syringe-flask B: From 1 ml to maximum syringe capacity: in 1 ml increments.
  • Flow rate (programmable) 0.01-10 ml/s: 0.01–3.1 ml/s in 0.01 ml/s increments; in the range of 3.1–10 ml/s in 0.1 ml/s increments.

Additional information

Brand name

Bayer Medical Care Inc., USA


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