MEDRAD Spectris Solaris

Disposable sterile polymer container for magnetic contrast agent, models SSQK 65/115VS


Description & Technical characteristics

Polymer containers (syringes) for magnetic contrast agents and physiological salt solution, for MRI injector system.
Contrast agent syringe capacity — 65 ml.
Physiological salt solution syringe capacity — 115 ml.
Latex free.

— syringe with plunger for contrast agent
— syringe with plunger for physiological salt solution
— large needle for filling with contrast agent
— small needle for filling with physiological salt solution
– low pressure tubing with check valve
Indicators in the form of ellipses on the surface of containers for visual control of the filling of syringes with contrast agent and physiological salt solution
Maximum design pressure, not less than 350 psi/2410 kPa.
Limiting rate of contrast agent injection, not less than 10.0 ml/s.
Shelf life from the date of sterilization, not less than 5 years.
Sterilization, factory.
Individual packing, sterile.
The supplier must provide a copy of the product registration certificate.

Additional information

Brand name

Bayer Medical Care Inc., USA


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