Angiographic catheters

BIOTEQUE angiographic catheters provide excellent flow rates, optimal contrast agent delivery and vessel identification.


Angiographic catheters
— Soft radiopaque nylon for minimal vascular injury.
— Distal segment: non-braided nylon for shape retention.

Braided nylon design is used where high torque, burst pressure resistance, kink resistance are required (optimum torque control and kink resistance due to double mesh).

Large inner diameter provides higher flow rate with less resistance.

The flow rates shown above are determined in vitro using a Bioteq BT-AC5-JR40 angiographic catheter, with a Medrad Mark V Plus inflow injector and Optiray 370 mg/mL contrast agent, contrast agent warmed to body temperature of 37 + -2°C) to inflow injection, the maximum injection pressure is 1200 psi, the injection time is 2 seconds. Recommended maximum guidewire size is 0.038

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