Magic Touch PTA

Magic Touch PTA is the world’s first Sirolimus-eluting balloon stent with a unique nanotechnology.


Submicron Sirolimus particles encapsulated in phospholipid are sprayed onto the balloon with low balloon inflation, and then re-folded and re-inflated procuring 100% coverage.
When injected into an artery, this phospholipid is transferred to the artery and as the body pH changes, the phospholipid releases a submicron particle of Sirolimus, which, after 7 days, enters the deepest layer of the artery up to the adventitia.

Concept Medical promotes innovation in the field of medical equipment, with a focus on the development of drug delivery technologies with a strong focus on intellectual property.
Concept Medical Inc is based in Tampa, Florida, USA with manufacturing facilities in India and a affiliate company, Envision Scientific Pvt. Ltd, which is the sole manufacturing facility of the Group of Concept Medical, including Concept Medical BV Netherland.

Concept Medical focuses on innovation in coronary and peripheral artery disease.

Concept Medical has a state-of-the-art ISO certified manufacturing facility with dedicated production equipment.
Concept Medical has an extensive distributor network throughout the world, EU, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Latin America.
Concept Medical has developed its own unique technologies — Nanolute, Nanoactive and Envisolution — to solve complex problems in cases of diseases of the coronary and peripheral arteries.

NANOLUTE TECHNOLOGY® is designed to improve the lipophilicity and bioavailability of Sirolimus.

Concept Medical offers unique therapeutic products ranging from the world’s first Sirolimus-eluting balloon for coronary and peripheral arteries to AVF and ED devices.
As well as unique drug-eluting stents (DES) designed to treat patients with diabetes and AIM. Magic Touch PTA, Magic Touch AVF has already received the USFDA Breakthrough Technology Innovation Award. Also all products are CE marked.

Concept Medical is a scientific organization with a large amount of clinical data on products. For DES and DCB, we have reliable clinical data from all over the world.

Office locations — USA, Netherlands, India and Singapore.

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