StentBoost, Allura 3D-RA, Dynamic 3D Roadmap, XperCT, XperGuide


StentBoost is a simple, fast and cost-effective tool for improving the visualization of coronary artery stents, showing the stent in relation to the vessel wall during operation. This advanced imaging system will help you place your stent as accurately as possible the first time, reduce procedure time and eliminate the need for additional procedures.

Allura 3D-RA
The Allura 3D-RA feature provides 3D visualization of the brain, peripheral vessels and bone structures, thus simplifying intravascular and orthopedic procedures. The use of the Allura 3D-RA feature reduces the number of DSA scans and the duration of fluoroscopy during the examination. This provides a reduction in radiation exposure to the patient and staff and to savings in contrast agent, and consequently, to a reduction in the cost of the procedure.

Dynamic 3D Roadmap
The Dynamic 3D Roadmap function provides three-dimensional visual control of catheter passage through the vessels in real time.
This feature superimposes a real-time 2D fluoroscopic image onto a 3D reconstructed image of the vessel tree. In this case, the movement of the guidewire, catheter or coil can be seen in one image. This improves the quality of visualization in complex interventional procedures, including embolization of cerebral aneurysm or embolization of uterine arteries in uterine fibroids.

With XperCT, clinicians can use CT-like imaging directly on the angiography system and analyze soft tissue, bone, and other body structures before, during, or after an interventional procedure. Reconstruction is performed in the XperCT feature based on rotational scan data performed on the Allura Xper system. The result of this reconstruction can be superimposed on a three-dimensional image of the vessels.

The XperGuide feature is designed for real-time 3D visual guidance of needle position during percutaneous interventional procedures directly in the angiographic room. This navigation tool overlays the fluoroscopic image on the 3D soft tissue image (Philips XperCT) to provide information on the trajectory of the needle and target. XperGuide can be used for a wide range of clinical procedures, from biopsy and drainage to radiofrequency ablation.

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