CombiDiagnost R90

Multifunctional system for digital radiography and fluoroscopy CombiDiagnost

CombiDiagnost version 90 is a remotely controlled fluoroscopy system with digital radiography function. It provides high patient throughput and efficient workflow through a streamlined digital imaging process. In addition, it allows you to use the X-ray room in a cost-effective way.

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With flat detector technology for high frame rate fluoroscopy and high resolution X-rays, CombiDiagnost version 90 allows you to perform a wide range of examinations in one room that would normally require several standard systems. This saves space and reduces time expenditures.

Brief overview of the main advantages.
Whole body X-ray exam with 193 cm coverage.
An ultra-reliable geometry module for examining patients of any physique: a maximum patient weight of 284 kg without restriction of movement.
Easy access to the table and a comfortable position for work: height adjustment from 62 to 142 cm.
Customizable Eleva user interface with high quality dual monitors.
Advanced IT security and patient privacy system.
Professional service and the possibility of remote maintenance.


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