Medical tilting adjustable bed, model LISA, modif. LE-2

Registration certificate: РК-МТ-5№015138 dated 04.02.2016

The medical titling bed with electric adjustment is intended for the patient in the conditions of the increased comfort in stationary medical institutions. The bed control unit with intuitive symbols provides quick access to all functions, thereby facilitating the daily patient care of the staff, while increasing patient independence and comfort. The bed remains light and easy movable while providing maximum comfort.



The bed remains light and easy movable while providing maximum comfort. The wheels are equipped with a foot brake, which protects the bed with the patient from accidental movements. A particular feature of this bed is the smoothness of movement and the range of adjustment of the position of the sections of the bed. Synchronized bed motion provides maximum patient comfort and simplifies the actions of medical personnel during any manipulations. The bed can be used in intensive care units and resuscitation departments.

  • The bed frame is made of a steel profile with an environmentally friendly polymer-powder coating, resistant to disinfectants.
  • 4-section perforated bed made of steel with a coating resistant to disinfectants.
  • 2 folding side rails
  • Adjustment method — electrical (control panel)
  • Two removable end panels (backs) are made of extra strong hygienic polymer material. They are easy to take off and put back on.
  • Special roller bumpers at the corners protect the bed, as well as walls and doors of healthcare facilities in the event of an impact. The material of the bumper does not leave marks and scuffs on the surfaces.
  • 4 wheel assemblies with a diameter of 125 mm, equipped with a brake system, rotate around their axis

Bed completing units:

  • infusion pole
  • removable end panels
  • side rails
  • lifting pole
  • wheels with blocking

Additional equipment:

  • Mattress
  • The product is delivered unassembled in a corrugated box and/or in a bandel


Bed dimensions, mm

2130 х1000х460

Back section angle

0-70 ◦

Foot section angle

0-40 ◦

Weight, kg


Permissible load (no more), kg


Maximum load of lifting pole, kg



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