Medical tilting electrical bed LISA LE-4
(KSC-PLAST LLP, Kazakhstan)

Registration certificate: РК-МТ-5№015138 dated 04.02.2016

LISA LE-4 is a bed with a special design, developed by a domestic manufacturer to accommodate bed-bound patients in the post-surgical period, as well as immobile patients during bed rest and critically ill patients.



The bed LISA LE-4 can be used in referral hospitals, senior centers, various social institutions and at home.

The particular design features of the LISA LE-4 medical bed make it easier for the medical staff and relatives to care for the patient and allow them to be placed in a comfortable and physiologically more favorable position.

The bed can be used in intensive care units and resuscitation departments.

  • The bed frame is made of a steel profile with an environmentally friendly polymer-powder coating, resistant to disinfectants.
  • 4-section perforated bed made of steel with a coating resistant to disinfectants.
  • 2 folding side rails
  • Adjustment method — electrical (control panel)
    two removable end panels (backs) are made of extra strong hygienic polymer material. They are easy to take off and put back on.
  • Special roller bumpers at the corners protect the bed, as well as walls and doors of healthcare facilities in the event of an impact.
  • The material of the bumper does not leave marks and scuffs on the surfaces.
  • 4 wheel assemblies with a diameter of 125 mm, equipped with a brake system, rotate around their axis

Bed completing units:

  • infusion pole
  • removable end panels
  • side rails
  • lifting pole
  • wheels with blocking

Additional equipment:

  • Mattress
  • The product is delivered unassembled in a corrugated box and/or in a bandel

Made in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Warranty period — 12 months.


Bed dimensions, mm

2130 х1000

Bedding height, mm


Back section angle

0-70 ◦

Foot section angle

0-40 ◦

Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg

16 ◦

Weight, kg


Permissible load (no more), kg


Maximum load of lifting pole, kg



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