BV Endura

X-ray angiographic device without radiation sources included in the set BV Endura

Philips was the developer of the first mobile surgical C-arm and was the first to install it in the operating room.



The BV Endura mobile C-arm for surgical imaging offers wide field of view vascular imaging capabilities to streamline your workflow
Ideal for both general fluoroscopy and specialized vascular applications, the BV Endura provides clear visualization of dynamic images during surgical procedures.
Designed to streamline your workflow, this multi purpose system has many advantages.

Main advantages:
flexible choice between 9″ and 12″ image intensifier;
increased angle of rotation to provide the necessary projections for vascular procedures;
SmartVision visualization technology;
ultra-compact mobile workstation MobileView Station.

The system has a wide range of applications:
vascular procedures;
orthopedic surgery;
abdominal surgery;
neurosurgical procedures;
thoracic surgery.

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Brand name

– Philips –


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