Ingenia 1.5T

The world’s first fully digital MRI system with a field strength of 1.5T

The Ingenia magnetic resonance imaging scanner digitizes the RF signal directly in the coil located on the patient’s body, which has never been implemented before.

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FlexStream feature designed to streamline work process and reduce exam time, which can increase MRI room throughput capacity by up to 30%.

Patient comfort, wide coverage and high image quality are all combined in Xtend technology, which provides the most uniform field of view of any wide aperture (70 cm) MR scanner.

The Ingenia I.5T system has been developed for patients of all ages, body types and physical conditions, so its features greatly simplify the work with the patient:

  • The tunnel diameter of 70 cm provides more space for the patient and reduces his anxiety.
  • Intelligent software reduces the number of rescans and increases the speed of examinations.
  • Digital coils are significantly lighter and can in many cases significantly reduce the number of patient repositionings.
  • Ambient light on the front of the gantry and adjustable lighting inside the tunnel increase the openness of the system.
  • Reducing the level of acoustic noise from gradient coils, which is perceived by the patient, by more than 80%.

You no longer have to choose between definition and speed: now you can perform routine examinations of the brain, vertebral column, liver, knee and ankle in less than 8 minutes with excellent image quality.

The Ingenia 1.5T MRI is upgradeable with the unique Philips Sonalleve MR-HIFU platform, which combines the benefits of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) therapy with superior MR image quality.

Philips Sonalleve MR-HIFU allows ablation therapy for uterine fibroids, and is also used for the palliative treatment of pain in bone metastases.

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