Ingenia Elition S

Ingenia Elition S with dStream architecture is our next generation MR system with 3 T magnetic field strength The Ingenia Elition System provides flexible, intelligent tools to speed up examinations and achieve more consistent scan results with high clinical efficiency across a wide range of examinations and with maximum patient comfort.

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Designed with today’s and tomorrow’s needs in mind, the Ingenia Elition S system will serve you for a long time.
The system software supports a generation of clinical options for head, neck, vertebral column, musculoskeletal and body imaging. In addition, the graphical user interface of the system’s scanner has a number of important enhancements for greater control and convenience during MRI procedures, which include:
Intelligent conflict management to streamline the work process
Selective archiving for better control of archiving and export processes
Combined admission numbers to improve scanning efficiency during billing procedures
Increased storage capacity for patient image database — 512 GB
Individual patient safety protocols with management of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)/PNS (Peripheral Nerve Stimulation) levels
At the heart of the Ingenia Elition S system is the dStream architecture. The dStream architecture includes the following features and options:
DirectDigital HF reception technology – HF signal sampling is performed directly in the HF coil on the patient.
FlexStream workflow that improves system flexibility and throughput
The Philips Ingenia Elition S significantly improves MR image clarity and operating rapidity, as well as increases system expandability.
Image clarity: By digitizing the signal directly on the patient, dStream captures image data where the signal is clearest.
Rapidity: Manipulating patient and coil has never been so easy: flexible exam setup to suit each patient’s unique situation, simplified coil change and optimal quality in any exam.
System expandability: The number of channels is determined by the coil and is not limited by the system. This will allow the MR system to be used in the future for new types of examinations, such as body and heart examinations, as well as for new functions in standard examinations, such as brain and musculoskeletal imaging.

dStream architecture:
A unique digital wideband MR architecture that captures a pure MR signal, coupled with enhanced workflow and user-friendliness to deliver higher SNR and more efficiency in everyday work. In addition, the number of channels is no longer set by the MR system.
Up to 40% higher signal-to-noise ratio (DirectDigital)
Up to 30% more throughput capacity (FlexStream)
Easy expansion of clinical capabilities without the need for a global system upgrade (EasyExpand)

Xtend design
The design of the system has been optimized not only to provide a 70 cm wide patient bore, but also to ensure optimum image quality and performance for even the largest patients. Industry-leading magnet, gradient system and built-in body coil designs achieve a maximum field of view of 70 cm. Xtend provides the best combination of magnet uniformity and gradient system performance within a 55 cm FOV.
Full body visualization from eyes to hips with only 2 table positions.
Excellent large size FOV and non-centered imaging capability ideal even for large patients
Improved image fidelity for large fields of view and multi-position studies

Magnet system
The extra-large field of view created by Xtend (up to 55 cm) combined with the system’s 70 cm bore provides unrivaled coverage and imaging of large patients.
Actively shielded, lightweight design (<4940 kg) and compact footprint with sealing lip (3.1 x 5.0 m) allow for easy installation.
Ultra compact, patient-friendly design — only 1.62 m in length.
Best-in-class magnet uniformity (1.8 ppm / 50 x 50 x 45 cm V-RMS) for excellent image quality, off-center imaging and fat suppression.
Shielding superconducting coils reduce the sensitivity of the magnetic field to moving ferromagnetic objects.
HeliumSave’s unique zero boil-off technology provides zero helium consumption (0 l/h) under standard scanning conditions.
The lateral turret design makes it easy to install even with low ceilings and difficult access.

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