Ingenia Ambition S

The Ingenia Ambition S is Philips’ new 1.5T MRI system with a wide bore. The new, fully sealed BlueSeal magnet ensures more efficient and stable MRI procedures, eliminating dangerous situations associated with helium. The Ingenia Ambition S system with dStream architecture allows you to use the most advanced MR imaging techniques, thereby streamlining the clinical process. The system is equipped with versatile smart tools that speed up workflow and achieve consistent scan results with maximum patient comfort.

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Designed with today’s and tomorrow’s needs in mind, the Ingenia Ambition S system will serve you for a long time.

The system software supports a generation of clinical options for head, neck, vertebral column, musculoskeletal, body, heart, and vascular imaging. In addition, the graphical user interface of the system’s scanner has a number of important enhancements for greater control and convenience during MRI procedures, which include:

  • Intelligent conflict management to streamline the work process
  • Selective archiving for better control of archiving and export processes
  • Combined admission numbers to improve scanning efficiency during billing procedures
  • Increased storage capacity for patient image database storage up to 512 GB
  • Individual patient safety protocols with management of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)/PNS (Peripheral Nerve Stimulation) levels

BlueSeal magnet system
The heart of the Ingenia Ambition S system is the fully sealed BlueSeal magnet. The Ingenia Ambition S system is designed to simplify the installation process and reduce long-term MR system downtime and repair costs. Thanks to this system, the performance of MRI procedures in the department becomes more efficient and stable, and the likelihood of dangerous situations associated with helium is eliminated. This unique magnet with a 70 cm wide bore requires only 7 liters of liquid helium; while the magnet is completely sealed, so you no longer have to worry about the difficulties that may arise in connection with the use of helium. With the BlueSeal magnet, Philips hopes to help MRI departments overcome the problems associated with the use of helium in classic magnets and virtually eliminate the user’s dependency on insufficient helium levels.
In addition, high system performance is ensured for several hours of scanning. The BlueSeal magnet optimizes image quality and acquisition even for larger patients. Industry-leading designs of magnet, gradient system and system body coil achieve a maximum field of view of 55cm.

  • Due to ultra-efficient micro-cooling technology, less than 7 liters of liquid helium is now required.
  • The magnet is completely sealed to prevent both gradual and abrupt release of helium during cooling.
  • Digital control to provide EasySwitch services.
  • Simplifies installation and reduces construction costs as no vent pipe is required
  • Active shielding, lightweight design (<2300 kg)
  • Ultra compact, patient-friendly design — only 1.62 m in length.
  • Improved image fidelity for large fields of view and multi-position studies
  • Best-in-class magnet uniformity (1.8 ppm / 50 x 50 x 45 cm V-RMS) for excellent image quality, off-center imaging and fat suppression.
  • Full body visualization from eyes to hips with only 2 table positions.
  • The extra-large field of view (up to 55 cm) combined with the system’s 70 cm bore provides unrivaled coverage and imaging of large patients.
  • Shielding superconducting coils reduce the sensitivity of the magnetic field to moving ferromagnetic objects.
  • The lateral turret design makes it easy to install even with low ceilings and difficult access.

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