Prodiva 1.5T CS

The Prodiva CS system includes the powerful dStream digital architecture for high performance medical imaging in a variety of basic and advanced examinations, as well as multi purpose intelligent solutions for fast and stable imaging.

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dStream technology is a unique digital wideband MR architecture that captures a clear MR signal. The sharpness of the digital signal, combined with the high acceleration factors provided by the dS SENSE function, as well as the Breeze workflow and the ease of use of the iPatient environment, provide the necessary level of quality and efficiency in routine procedures. In addition, the number of channels is no longer set by the MR system. This will allow the MR system to be updated in the future, providing easy access to new options as well as new enhancements to known options in various clinical areas.

The Prodiva CS system features a spacious patient bore with wide mouths and a short straight section. The low height of the table allows the patient to be positioned quickly and easily on it. Philips’ advanced user interface platform enables customized imaging based on patient parameters. The ComfoTone technology reduces the level of the acoustic noise perceived by the patient, creating favorable conditions for research. Designed with today’s and tomorrow’s needs in mind, this system offers a completely safe investment that will serve your needs now and in the future.

The Prodiva CS system is designed for patient comfort and high throughput. At the core of the Prodiva 1.5T system is the Breeze workflow, delivering efficiency and flexible, intelligent tools to make the operator’s job easier. The Breeze workflow will reduce set-up time thanks to the smart design of the front RF receiver coils with short cables, mini connectors (Breeze connect) and less bulky electronic components. In addition, Breeze’s front coil design is ultra-lightweight, flexible, and anatomy-matched for quick and easy coil positioning and adjustment. You just need to connect the used coil to the mini connector with a short cable. All of these options are designed to improve your daily work process and significantly reduce the number of steps required to position and manipulate coils when performing a scan. The Breeze workflow facilitates the performance of all standard core exams (brain, vertebral column, trunk, musculoskeletal) using the table-integrated back coil in combination with the dS NV Head Top, dS TorsoCardiac, dS MSK and dS Flex coils, reducing time, required for patient and coil positioning.

Prodiva CS performs the following studies:

  • Whole vertebral column studies: no coil manipulation
  • Neurovascular studies, studies of the brain, body,
  • musculoskeletal system: With lightweight Breeze front coils
  • Multi-position oncological studies of the body: No coil
  • manipulation (when performed using the Quadrature Body Coil (QBC))
  • High speed and throughput performance with Breeze workflow
  • High performance with dStream digital coils for various exam types
  • Up to 16X faster with proven dS SENSE parallel imaging
  • Musculoskeletal imaging with 8-channel dS MSK coils (optional)
  • Easy-to-use software SmartExam and ExamCards; these options reduce the number of manual operator interventions.
  • Simplifies your work process by making planning, scanning, and processing more efficient.
  • Significantly speeds up repetitive tasks
  • Increases efficiency, reproducibility and consistency

SmartAssist performance support technology includes the following features:

  • SmartSelect: Automatic coil and unit selection
  • SmartLine: Automated intelligent processing
  • SmartLink: Linking geometric parameters in multi-site studies

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