Efficia CMS200

Central monitoring system Efficia CMS200 with accessories

Philips Goldway (Shenzhen) Industrial Inc., China

When striving to provide high quality care for a large number of patients within a limited budget, the use of centralized patient monitoring can be of great help. The Efficia CMS200 central monitoring and additional alarm system improves access to patient data archives and thus helps medical staff work more efficiently. When quality and cost-effectiveness are equally important, choose Philips Efficia.


Particular qualities

Flexibility and ease of operation
The Efficia CMS200 system allows you to display traces, parameters and alarms for up to 32 patients at the same time. You can customize the layout of pages and sectors to provide easy access to information from network-connected Efficia CM and SureSigns VM patient monitors. In addition to reviewing a patient’s physiological data in real time, you can also analyze it — including all complete traces from the previous ten days.

Easy setup and installation
The Efficia CMS200 includes everything you need (including a keyboard and mouse, speaker and network switch) to connect to your patient monitoring network and get started. Simple features and a built-in reference tool help you quickly train your staff and get the system up and running.

Remote control of the monitor
With the Efficia CMS200 it is possible to initiate certain monitor features from the central station. You can share patient personal data, start and stop NIBP measurements, and pause audible alarms directly from the central station. This makes it possible to provide medical care to patients while being away from them.

Cost effective centralized monitoring
Philips Efficia CMS200 provides reliability and low total cost of ownership with an intuitive user interface that is easy to learn. The Efficia CMS200 system provides centralized monitoring, additional alarm, bi-directional exchange of selected parameters, data analysis and efficient workflow. It also has an HL7 output for connecting to third party EMR and HIS systems.

Expand your alarm management options
Efficia CMS200 is an additional alarm system that collects physiological and technical alarms from the entire network and provides visual and audible notifications at the central station. In addition, the Efficia CMS200 system can forward data from network monitors to the EMR system.

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