Ambulanc Т7

Medical Transport ALV unit Т7

Ambulanc (Shenzhen) Tech. Co., Ltd, China


  • 17 ventilation modes, including modern advanced modes: PRVC, PRVC+, BiPPV+, APRV+.
  • Designed for invasive and non-invasive ventilation at the accident scene, in the intensive care unit, and during patient transportation.
  • Provides high-flow nasal oxygen therapy, and visual and voice guidance for CPR.
  • Мodern advanced modes. More detailed monitoring system: curves, loops, trends, ETCO2 monitoring (optional), etc. The minimum tidal volume is 20 ml and can be used for baybies, children and adults.
  • 7 inch color touch screen with screen lock function. Simple and intuitive interface. One-click ventilation adjustment in emergency situations. Visual and audible alarm.
  • Our device has an HFNC mode. High-flow oxygen therapy for COVID-19 is an effective treatment for hypoxemia caused by COVID-19.
  • Complies with the stringent standards of the RTCA DO-160G test, which makes it suitable for use in air transport of patients.
  • Thanks to the integrated trolley, humidifiers, gas cylinders, etc. can be combined into one unit, which is convenient for intrahospital transport of patients and hospital treatment.

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Ambulanc (Shenzhen) Tech. Co., Ltd, China


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