IntelliVue MX400

IntelliVue MX400 portable bedside patient monitor

The IntelliVue MX400 provides reliable monitoring in a compact design and it is easy to carry. The device in a prompt manner provides the necessary information, which allows you to sort out priorities during the care of several patients at the same time.


Particular qualities
The sole convenient data viewer near the patient. The IntelliVue MX400 monitor provides advanced monitoring capabilities in an extremely compact and easily transportable case. With a quick view of multiple patient parameters, this monitor is particularly useful when multiple patients or physiological parameters require attention.

Fast and accurate data capture
The information you need is displayed directly on the 9-inch touch screen. With the simple interface you know from existing IntelliVue monitors, you can spend less time on training and more time on your patients. Whether the monitor is being used in transit or in a stationary position, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the brightness. The screen brightness is automatically adjusted using the built-in ambient light sensor, making the screen readable in almost any lighting condition.

Using all the possibilities of the electronic medical records system
Implementation of electronic medical records (EMR) requires significant financial costs. The IntelliVue MX400 monitor improves your investment by supporting data exchange with hospital information systems and expanding the information contained in EMR. By connecting bedside monitors to an EMR system, you can reduce costs and simplify your work. The Philips IntelliBridge communication module (optional) allows this connection to be made directly, without separate concentrators and data servers.
The IntelliBridge* technology provides a single point of connection for ALV and other devices, both in a stationary position at the patient’s bed, and during the patient’s transport around the hospital.
Monitoring during transportation
Reducing the risk of cross colonization
Adapting monitoring to work processes

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