Penlon Prima 451 MRI

The Penlon Prima 451 MRI is a compact MRI anesthesia system with advanced patient support modes designed for use with 1.5 and 3 T scanners.


Penlon Prima 451 MRI with built-in Penlon AV-S ventilator and Penlon A200SP adsorber is a flexible, ergonomic system for inhalation anesthesia in adults and children of all ages, including newborns. Provides maximum patient safety.

  • Approved for use with MRI 1.5 and 3T, up to 1000 Gauss.
  • Electronic ventilator with touch screen.
  • The device is specially designed for use in the MRI environment.
  • Compact design, optimal manoeuvrability.
  • Full system compatibility.
  • Six ventilation modes and support for spontaneous breathing of the patient.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.

The device provides anesthesia with low and ultra-low flows (oxygen flow 50–75 ml/min). It complies with the highest anesthesiology standards.

The device is based on a modular concept with the ability to select system units and options for their location, depending on the wishes of the customer.

A high-precision, pneumatically driven, electronically controlled Penlon AV-S ventilator provides 6 modes of lung ventilation, has a color touch screen and a built-in rechargeable battery.


  • automatic testing of the device after turning it on;
  • compensation for compliance of the breathing circuit;
  • use up to 4 gases;
  • automatic fresh gas flow compensation;
  • emergency oxygen supply up to 75 l/min;
  • sound and light alarm when oxygen and air pressure decrease;
  • automatic supply of oxygen when the air pressure drops;
  • automatic shutdown of nitrous oxide supply when O2 pressure drops;
  • mechanical antihypoxic system guaranteeing a minimum of 30 + 3% oxygen in the respiratory gas;
  • right-handed or left-handed configuration;
  • writing table and footrest.

The Penlon A200SP heated adsorber is equipped with built-in oxygen and spirometric sensors. Penlon vaporizing devices for all known anesthetic agents have a variety of filling systems and attachment options, and require no maintenance for 10 years.

Particular rich specification for your complete solution for safe, advanced anesthesia in MRI kit:
1 — Six ventilation modes and support for spontaneous breathing for the patient contribute to an MRI safe procedure.
2 — Auxiliary oxygen amount gage
3 — Sigma Delta vaporizing device with blocking, four racks for
4 — Large workspace
5 — Closed design (no hidden storage areas)
6 — Lockable castors — provide stability
7 — Compatible rails with GCX™, for a secure fit, two additional filler mounting options.
8 — Built-in CO2 absorber

Ventilator control and reviewing of indicators is carried out using the navigation dial or directly from the touch screen.

The ventilator has built-in oxygen monitoring and measurement of spirometric parameters.

Penlon Sigma Delta anesthetic vaporizing devices:

  • quality of Penlon vaporizing devices is considered a benchmark;
  • vaporizing devices are reliable, lightweight, maintenance-free,
    provide unsurpassed dosing accuracy, especially at low and minimal flows;
  • available with mounting options: Selectatec, Cagemount, Dräger Plug-In, North American Dräger, which allows them to be used on anesthesia devices from various manufacturers.
  • color coding for the following anesthetics: Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane.

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Penlon Limited, Great Britain


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