Barco MDSC-8358

4K UHD Surgical Display

• Provides excellent hand-eye coordination with a visible image
• Flexible universal imaging system
• Exceptional image quality


The MDSC-8358 is a large screen, thin profile surgical display with a 58″ LCD panel (16:9), LED backlight and high resolution (UHD 3840 x 2160).

Excellent images in the surgical complex
The MDSC-8358 display is designed for use in complex operating rooms, surgical x-ray and cardiovascular units. The MDSC-8358 delivers accurate DICOM compliant color and grayscale images with ultra-low latency, consistent colors and low noise, making it ideal for real-time imaging.

Wide range of communication interfaces
The connectivity options of the Barco MDSC-8358 display — DP, dual-link and single-link DVI interfaces — make it compatible with a wide range of video systems for operating rooms and surgical X-ray units.

Reliable and safe operation
The large, high resolution LCD screen is a safer and more efficient alternative to the multi-display configurations used in today’s surgical practice. The optional standby power system configuration ensures stable and reliable operation in the most critical situations.
The failover feature allows automatic switching to redundant video signals to ensure uninterrupted real-time imaging and avoid interruption of the clinical process in the operating room.

Technical characteristics
Screen technology: Active matrix a-si TFT
Active screen size (diagonal): 1473 mm (58.0″)
Active screen size (W x H): 1270.08 x 721.44 мм (50 x 28.4″)
Aspect ratio (W:H): 1
Definition: 8 MP (3840 x 2160)
Pixel pitch: 0.33075 mm (L) x 0.334 mm (H)
Color rendering: Yes
Viewing angle (horizontal, vertical): 178°
Contrast ratio: 4000:1 (nominal)

Video inputs
DVI dual link (full screen image with 2 DVI inputs)
DVI single sink (full screen image with 4 x DVI inputs or 4 drive quadrants from 4 independent sources)
DP 1.2 SST (full screen; 4k or 2k scaling)

Option: Nexxis MNA-240 decoder (for uncompressed video over IP)
Option: 2 single link DVI splitters for redistributing additional video input (see User Manual)

Additional information

Brand name

Barco, Belgium

The Belgian company BARCO has been developing and manufacturing professional imaging equipment since 1934. The company is unique in that it creates a wide range of products for the professional and corporate market: projectors, large video wall panels, wireless collaborative presentation systems, LED panels, medical monitors. Barco is a leader in medical imaging and has a strong reputation for providing the right graphics solutions for this market. Barco projection solutions are characterized by high performance, ease of operation, durability and low cost.


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