Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

Easily configurable and scalable Picture Archiving and Communication System that has all the necessary components for secure communication, flexible archiving and online access to diagnostic-quality medical studies using a standardized set of work tools.

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Installed in more than 10,000 medical institutions around the world, ranging from small individual imaging centers to large multimodal multidisciplinary hospitals in 118 countries, as well as 2 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in capacity of regional projects.

System Key Particular Qualities:

User orientation
Local support and assistance in more than 110 countries by factory trained technicians.
Developed by medical imaging experts for physicians and radiologists
Available in 20 languages.
Customized solutions for imaging centers, hospitals, research centers, regional hospital networks, insurance companies, etc.

Low total owning cost
Transparent pricing model
Available for purchase, subscription or co-financing

Stability & Reliability
Scalable to meet your growing needs
Up to 500,000,000 images per 1 server
No study is too big!
Up to 100,000 images per study
No images that cannot be processed!
Up to 150 megapixels per image via thick client and up to 40 megapixels per image via web access

Compatibility & Compliance
Approved by FDA 510(k), CE, JPAL, ANVISA, GOST, etc.
Compatible with IHE, HIPAA, DICOM, non-DICOM and HL7
Works on any Windows, macOS, Android and iOS device with HTML5.
Supports Latin, local and Unicode character sets.
Compatible with virtually any DICOM and HL7 device around the world.
Manufacturer-independent connected medical equipment

Security & Reliability
Triple data backup with synchronized servers and cloud or offline DVD archive
Three-stage data storage, including one robotic to prevent data loss — in case of fire or natural disaster
Built-in migration tool.

Flexible integration and organization of work processes
Supports various work processes, such as RIS/HIS/EMR control, PACS control, reverse workflow, etc.
Electronic and paper order/study schedule
Integration with any EMR/HIS/MIS-systems
Integration with non-DICOM and non-HL7 products is available and simplified.
Direct integration with Philips IntelliSpace Portal, Siemens Syngo and TeraRecon


  • Improved post-processing with visualization tools for all medical specialties.
  • Structured and custom reports based on a thick client and web interface.
  • Integrated online speech recognition for thick and web clients
  • Medical billing in any currency, unlimited rates, unlimited billing sections, unlimited treatment codes
  • Available as a thick client, thin client or cloud PACS.
  • Zero footprint technology

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IMAGE Information Systems GmbH


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