Brilliance СT Big Bore

The Brilliance CT Big Bore CT scanner offers a high quality clinical solution for oncology and radiology. The design and operation of the system is adapted for CT simulation, and its wide aperture allows for both diagnostic and interventional procedures.



Particular qualities:
Patient positioning for precise marking
The system maintains a 60 cm field of view during scanning, which increases the consistency of CT numbers and makes it possible to examine patients of almost any size. Deviation of the table top position from the laser marking plane does not exceed 2 mm, which meets the requirements of AAPM TG 66 and ensures positioning accuracy.

Convenient simulation capabilities in complex configurations
The wide aperture of the tomograph allows to reduce the time of preparation of the patient for the procedure and facilitates its positioning.

Excellent combination
O-MAR technology reduces artefacts from large orthopedic implants. iDose4 technology improves image quality with noise reduction and high spatial resolution. As a result, CT provides high quality images with low artefact levels.

CT motion control in 4D mode
The Pulmonary Toolkit for Cancer Patients opens up a wide range of possibilities with three modes of data collection. In addition, it contains methods of amplitude and phase clustering — they help to evaluate the movement of targets and organs, position the patient and conduct synchronized therapy.

CT simulation tools for marking the patient from the console
The Tumor LOC application provides isocenter localization for patient marking, as well as fast simulation, which increases productivity and improves the process of radiation therapy planning.

Scan stability
Philips iPatient is an advanced platform that offers CT system management and prepares for future challenges. It allows you to focus on the results, not the scanning process. In addition, the platform provides ongoing confidence and maintains stable operation 24/7.
* Improving image quality is defined as increased spatial resolution and/or noise reduction in phantom tests.

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