Vereos digital PET/CT

The first and sole fully digital PET/CT in the world

Vereos Digital PET/CT with Direct Photon Counting (DPC) technology brings PET imaging to a absolutely new era of clinical possibilities. According to the latest research*, 9 out of 10 physicians prefer Vereos digital PET/CT images over analog systems.



Vereos PET/CT system
The Vereos PET/CT system features the industry’s first digital semiconductor detector, revolutionizing PET imaging.

Main Facilities:

PET digital system:

  • Digital DPC technology provides precise localization of each annihilation event during PET, which can profoundly improve image quality
  • This is especially evident in high-speed scans, low-dose imaging and complex studies.
  • High definition allows you to determine pathological formations and highlight anatomical details with great accuracy
  • It was possible to increase the spatial resolution and contrast thanks to the Point Spread Function (PSF)

CT subsystem Ingenuity CT includes:

  • Selectable kV — 80, 100, 120, 140 kVp
  • 60 kW generator, optional 80 kW (105 kW equivalent)
  • 4 cm coverage area for better patient readiness and improved clinical experience
  • MRC Ice — X-ray tube designed for long life, has the performance characteristics to meet the needs of volumetric scanning
  • iPatient’s user console configuration improves PET/CT data collection productivity by fully supporting the user’s work style.

The multifunctionality of this high-performance scanner includes clinical automation options, ease of reconstruction and post-processing, and improved diagnostic accuracy. Most importantly, the speed and superior performance of the Vereos system allows you to increase departmental throughput in the following work stages:

  • Patient positioning and installation
  • Scanning and collecting images
  • Dose management
  • Data reconstruction and display
  • Data post-processing and transfer

PET subsystem
PET detector system

  • Crystal material: LYSO
  • Detector architecture: digital Direct Photon Counting technology, direct conversion of a scintillation event into a digital signal
  • The connection between the crystal and the photosensitive element is 1:1
  • Efficient photon registration
  • Possibility of quantitative scanning across the all clinical spectrum
  • Homogeneous spatial definition throughout the entire field of view

CT subsystem
Geometry-optimized dual rotation architecture for low-dose imaging.
MRC Ice X-ray tube.
The liquid cooling device prevents the MRC Ice X-ray tube from overheating, so the CT system is ready to perform even the most demanding scans in sequence without interruption. Thanks to its special design, the Philips MRC Ice X-ray tube is one of the most reliable of its kind. Because the tube is designed to handle heavy 24-hour workloads, there is no need to wait for the tube to warm up before scanning or cool down after scanning.

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