Incisive CT 64/128

Incisive CT 64/128 CT scanner

The latest Philips Incisive CT 64 or 128 slice system offers a unique combination of operator efficiency and appropriate system design for balanced decisions making at every stage of the examination.



Today, with ever more complex processes in the field of medical care, the user needs a solution that performs tasks for him by making intelligent decisions on all issues. The right solution is Philips Incisive CT. A unique combination of efficient operator performance and appropriate system design, used in an intelligent CT solution to make balanced decisions at every stage of the examination. With Philips solutions that help combine data and technology, you can confidently achieve improved clinical outcomes, reduce costs, and improve patient and staff comfort. With sharp thinking, the application of intelligent solutions is possible from the very beginning.

ExamCards are the result of the evolution of the scanning protocols. ExamCards protocols can include axial, coronal, sagital and other results, which are automatically reconstructed and then transferred for further interpretation with no additional effort on the part of the operator.

vMRC X-ray tube. The liquid cooling device prevents the vMRC X-ray tube from overheating, so the Incisive CT system is ready to perform even the most demanding exams without interruption. Thanks to its special design, the Philips vMRC X-ray tube is one of the most reliable of its kind. Because the tube is designed to handle heavy 24-hour workloads, there is no need to wait for the tube to warm up before scanning or cool down after scanning.

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