Ingenuity CT 64/128

Ingenuity CT 64/128 CT scanner

Ingenuity CT systems bring absolute confidence to the work of radiologists – confidence in high image quality and, at the same time, in choosing the right dose for each patient, confidence in the possibility of iterative image reconstruction in seconds, not minutes, and, of course, confidence in the investment.



iDose4 technology
iDose4 is the next generation of DoseWise technologies. A unified and multifaceted approach to low-dose CT:
The technology of iterative reconstruction provides the operator with all the possibilities for self-adjustment of the radiation dose and image quality in accordance with the current research tasks.

High study volume and exceptional reliability
The Philips Ingenuity CT scanner is synonymous with the diagnostic reliability of CT. Designed to handle the toughest, most demanding environments, this system will help you achieve exceptionally high and consistent results in your daily practice.

Ingenuity system in action
Fast image reconstruction. Fast results. The RapidView IR imaging system is up to 137% faster than the equivalent first generation system installed on Brilliance scanners. In standard operating mode, reconstruction takes less than 60 seconds for 86% of exam protocols.

The Philips MRC Ice X-ray tube is one of the most durable in the industry. It is designed for a large amount of exams and 24h work. The tube does not need time to warm up before the study and cool down after the scan is completed.

We are so confident in its reliability that we supply the Ingenuity CT system as standard with a two-year initial X-ray tube warranty — the first and, to date, the sole CT scanner in the world with such a warranty.

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