IQon Spectral CT

IQon Spectral CT Scanner

The innovative IQon CT, also presented at the RSNA Congress, is the world’s first spectral detector system built from the ground up for spectral imaging. This solution uses color to determine the composition of an image without the use of time-consuming protocols. Just as white light is a synthesis of a full spectrum of colors, an X-ray used in computed tomography is a spectrum of X-ray energies.

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With the introduction of the groundbreaking IQon spectral CT system, which simultaneously detects both high and low energy X-ray photons, Philips demonstrates a new era in CT imaging. This method allows obtaining not only anatomical information, but also data on the structure of tissues, based on the composition of the substance. Thanks to the new solution, this requires only one scan. After spectral diagnosis with computed tomography, clinicians can interpret standard black and white anatomical images and, if necessary, analyze the spectral information captured during the same examination. The IQon CT system coupled with the Philips iPatient platform, allows you to store a history of each patient’s data, so that radiologists can see the benefits of this system in their daily work.

IQon Spectral CT System
The Philips Spectral CT system is the first of its kind innovation that allows you to use color in CT images to determine the composition of the object you are examining. With this quantitative approach, spectral imaging improves the quality of your image. Thus, you not only get the anatomical information usual to CT, but also determine the characteristics of structures based on the definition of the material of which the object is composed.

Philips Spectral CT Facilities:
Analysis (including retrospectively) of spectral data during a normal work process, without using a special scanning mode.
Work without preliminary calculations to collect data with different energies, which simplifies the use of the system and provides the ability to conduct standard spectral studies.
Retrospective spectrum analysis made possible by the iPatient platform; you can now use the Spectral CT system without any special protocols.
The advantages of spectral imaging are ease of use and low dose.
Philips Spectral CT was designed from the ground up for spectral imaging; now each scan can be spectral on demand, including retrospectively.

Main features:

  • Spectral analysis results on demand, retrospectively
  • NanoPanel Prism Detector
  • iPatient Platform
  • HyperSight spectral reconstruction feature
  • IMR technology
  • iDose4 technology
  • Rate Responsive CV Toolkit
  • Step & Shoot Complete feature
  • Coverage: 40 mm Z-axis
  • AirGlide gantry, 0.27 s gantry speed
  • iMRC X-ray tube with 120 kW generator
  • Range mA: 10-1000 mA
  • Tube voltage values: 80, 100, 120, 140 kVp (spectral analysis available on demand for data collection at 120 and 140 kVp)
  • Eclipse DoseRight collimator
  • Operator control panel with two displays
  • Console UPS

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