IntelliSpace Portal

The IntelliSpace Portal solution for multimodal imaging based on a single server, helps standardize the process of reviewing data at the level of the entire institution.

You can now use your office desktop, PACS workstation, laptop, or mobile device as an access point.*



Based on the well-known Philips Extended Brilliance WorkSpace, IntelliSpace Portal includes an easy-to-operate user interface that provides access to a variety of applications for technologists, radiologists and other professionals.

Important practical advantages
Most clinical indicators can now be viewed anywhere a computer is available. Philips advanced CT imaging applications can now be used without being tied to a specific location.

With Multimodal Tumor Tracking feature, it’s easier (and more regular) to track changes in disease status right from your home or office. Automated CT, NM, and MR dataset alignment and lesion segmentation, combined with a fully customizable report generator, help you track results with confidence over long periods.

You can review images and use all the features of applications through a remote WiFi connection (via a secure VPN channel) from where you are. You will be able to communicate your findings without delay.

IntelliSpace Portal supports the following advanced CT imaging applications:

  • Multimodality tumor tracking.
  • CT Advanced Vessel Analysis.
  • CT Comprehensive Cardiac Analysis.
  • CT Coronary Plaque Analysis.
  • CT Calcium Scoring.
  • CT Virtual Colonoscopy.
  • CT Lung Nodule Assessment.
  • CT Advanced Brain Perfusion.
  • Functional CT.
    CT Body perfusion.
  • CT Viewer.
  • CT Lung Density.
  • CT Myocardial Defect Assessment.
  • Multiphase CT Cardiac.
  • CT NM Cardiac Fusion.

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