Nio Color 5MP

Nio Color 5MP (MDNC-6121)

  • Ultra-bright 5.8MP color display
  • Specially for X-ray and mammography
  • High brightness, uniform colors and grayscale
  • Front panel sensor and QAWeb Enterprise system ensure
  • consistent standard compliance


Nio Color 5MP delivers very bright, color-calibrated medical images with better detail, including for mammography and tomographic reconstruction of the female breast. In this way, we help to improve the work process and increase the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Not a single detail escapes your gaze
The Barco Nio Color 5MP display provides excellent color and black-and-white images used in general radiology as well as 2D and 3D mammography. High brightness and contrast ratios make it possible to distinguish the smallest details in the image for an accurate diagnosis. The increased resolution allows you to display a larger image on the screen without having to pan and zoom the viewport.
With a built-in Barco sensor on the front panel, Nio Color 5MP works closely with Barco’s QAWeb Enterprise networking solution for automated quality control and calibration. QAWeb Enterprise guarantees consistent black and white DICOM images and, with SteadyColor, consistently high quality calibrated color images over the lifetime of the display.

Better working conditions
With integrated intelligence, you can easily manage your system and increase your productivity. With SpotView™, for example, you can focus on an area of interest to see additional details. The DimView™ feature automatically dims secondary displays so that they do not interfere with the analysis of data of interest.
Nio Color 5MP is the perfect solution for radiologists who want to create an angled display desktop: the system allows you to select your preferred viewing angle and provides a very ergonomic display configuration. Beyond that, you can quickly switch between Clearbase and Bluebase views. The user decides which colors to select and when, depending on the type of image or to change the reading settings.

Complete confidence
The bright LED backlight of the Nio Color 5MP display reduces operating and maintenance costs. This display comes with a glass front plate that will protect your equipment and your investment.
Barco is the sole company to offer complete system solutions, from display and controllers to workflow and calibration tools with QAWeb. All components come with our full 5 year warranty. When we release a product, we test our displays for compatibility with all major PACS applications.

Technical characteristics

  • LCD screen technology
  • Active screen size (diagonal) 541 mm (21.3″)
  • Active screen size (H x V) 324.45 x 432.6 mm (12.77 x 17 inches)
  • Aspect ratio (H:V) 3:4 for each display in portrait mode, 3:2 general
  • Resolution 5.8 MP (2100 x 2800 dots)
  • Pixel pitch 0.1545 mm
  • Color rendering Yes
  • Viewing angle (horizontal, vertical) 178°
  • Contrast ratio (nominal for panel) 1400:1
  • Video inputs Video Input Signals Dual Link DVI-D (x2)
  • DisplayPort (x2)

Additional information

Brand name

Barco, Belgium

The Belgian company BARCO has been developing and manufacturing professional imaging equipment since 1934. The company is unique in that it creates a wide range of products for the professional and corporate market: projectors, large video wall panels, wireless collaborative presentation systems, LED panels, medical monitors. Barco is a leader in medical imaging and has a strong reputation for providing the right graphics solutions for this market. Barco projection solutions are characterized by high performance, ease of operation, durability and low cost.


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