InnoSight compact ultrasound system
Taiwan (China)

The Philips InnoSight ultrasound system allows you to examine patients in any of the clinical areas where you provide care.

The compact and portable InnoSight ultrasound system, with its innovative ergonomic design and clinical versatility, allows you to transport the ultrasound device to the patient — in the office, clinic, hospital.


Portable mobile diagnostic ultrasound system InnoSight tablet type with touch screen is designed for ultrasound diagnostics in the following modes and scanning functions:

  • B-mode (2D), M-mode,
  • anatomical M-mode;
  • color Doppler,
  • color (power) Doppler for the study of blood vessels,
    pulsed wave Doppler (PW) mode, CPA mode,
  • imaging in tissue harmonic mode and color Doppler mode.

The system is equipped with tools and controls for measuring distance, depth, ellipse, angle. The system supports the DICOM standard. High resolution display with wide viewing angle. Operating conditions: temperature range from +10 to + 40°C, relative humidity 20-85%, non-condensing.


Intuitive user interface
An intuitive user interface and adapted work process make InnoSight easy to use, reducing training time. Customizable workflow and programmable keys provide a personalized experience.

Flexible settings system
You can customize the InnoSight system according to your needs and preferences. Easy setup for work process visualization, connection, measurement, etc.

High image quality
To improve image quality, InnoSight is equipped with iSCAN, XRES, and SonoCT applications. This helps to reduce speckle noise, increase signal-to-noise ratio, and results in high quality images.

Enhanced mobility
Weight is only 2.5 kg! Lightweight, ergonomic, tablet InnoSight helps to provide instant assistance to the patient, wherever he is at the moment.
With a backup battery that lasts approximately 1.5 hours, gives you an instant connection, and can be recharged anywhere, InnoSight represents disembarrassed mobility.

Easy network connection
InnoSight has Wi-Fi interoperability with LANs for DICOM transition to hospital PACS, wireless printing, and secondary display. The USB interface allows users to easily back up patient data to external storage media. The Bluetooth connection allows users to connect compatible keyboards for data entry.

Visualize needles even better
InnoSight provides improved TPI of the needle for greater confidence during interventional procedures.


  • S4-2 wideband sectoral transducer (4-2MHz)
  • C5-2 wideband convex transducer (5-2MHz)
  • С9-4v wideband convex transducer (9-4MHz)
  • L12-4 wideband linear transducer (12-4MHz)

System Dimensions:
WxLxH, mm – 223.2 x 319.6 x 31.8 (without stand),
System weight 2.46kg.

Fast loading, less than 30 seconds.

Additional information

Brand name

– Philips –


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