Affiniti 50

The Philips Affiniti 50 ultra sound system is designed for those who always strive to be one step ahead. The advanced technologies applied in the system are suitable for all the needs of diagnostic rooms with continuous hospital occupancy.


The Philips Affiniti 50 ultra sound system is built on Philips leading technology to ensure reliable and efficient performance.
The system is easy to learn and delivers excellent picture quality for a wide range of applications. Intuitive interface and accuracy increase the efficiency of work with patients.

Automation for efficient daily work
The Affiniti 50 features unique Anatomical Intelligence technology that extends system functionality, including global longitudinal strain (GLS) and 2D ejection fraction (EF) assessment in seconds.
Fetal Heart Navigator technology makes it easier to study the fetal heart and increases the reliability of data with early detection of anomalies, which will enable the youngest patients to receive the required help in a short time.

Time savings with automation tools
The Real Time iSCAN (AutoSCAN) feature automatically adjusts the compensation and gain settings over time.
Auto Doppler function reduces the number of steps required to place a sample volume
SmartExam technology improves exam synchronization, reduces button presses, and exam time by 35-55% by automatically scheduling and processing application protocols.

Dynamic assessment of organs and tumors in real time
Affiniti 50 allows the use of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in virtually any examination.

High-precision beam generation and wide dynamic range guarantee excellent spatial and contrast resolution and ensure tissue uniformity and minimize noise and artefacts.
Tissue Specific Presets automatically manage over 7,500 parameters and tune the transducer to suit the type of exam needed, resulting in excellent image quality with little or no operator adjustment.
Excellent image quality is complemented by innovative clinical features, including contrast-enhanced ultrasound studies (CEUS), Anatomical Intelligence (AIUS), elastography.

Affiniti 50 supports compression elastography and does not require external compression. Because of this, it can be used to assess the relative coarseness of various tissues, small body parts, mammary glands and gynecology.

Combination of comfort and possibilities
Room throughput capacity is increased by reporting tools that allow you to send measurements, reports, and images over the Internet and wireless network, or send them directly to printers.
A complete list of PC and DICOM features facilitates post-study communication.
Affiniti 50 allows you to view MRI, CT, radioisotope and ultrasound images, mammograms obtained using DICOM, without the need for an external drive.
Liver on Philips ultrasound unit
To save time on mobile
It can be put into sleep mode in a couple of seconds, transported to the right place and turned on again in seconds.

The weight of the Affiniti 50 is only 82.5 kg. It is the lightest ultra sound system of its kind, 17% lighter than its predecessor.

Areas of use:

Fetal heart
Gynecology and fertility
Small body parts and superficial organs
Prostatic gland
Locomotor system
General pediatric research
Echocardiography (adults, children, fetus)
Stress echocardiography
Surgical imaging
Transesophageal echocardiography
Contrast imaging
Shear wave elastography

Quantitative analysis applications
Affinity 50 offers a wide range of high-tech applications for the quantitative analysis of ultrasound image information.
IMT — Intima-media thickness
GI 3DQ — General quantitative analysis of 3D images
ROI — Region of interest
MVI — Macrovascular invasion
FHN — Fetal Heart Navigator feature
Quantification of plaques in vessels

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