Planmed Clarity 3D

Planmed Clarity 3D mammography X-ray apparatus

Planmed Oy, a Finnish company, focuses on the development, manufacture and marketing of advanced imaging equipment, providing a unique combination of image quality and ease of operation for medical imaging professionals. The company offers products for obtaining and processing mammographic and orthopedic images.



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High quality medical imaging

Planmed Clarity™ 2D/3D is a new all-digital mammography system from Planmed (Finland) that allows you to quickly and efficiently conduct examinations and obtain high-quality X-ray images of the breast. Unique patented Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) technologies using imaging movement method Continuous Sync-and-Shoot and innovative TomoMarker technology provide volumetric imaging for deeper and more accurate image analysis of patients with breast poroma.

DBT technology provides improved diagnostic options, especially for patients with breast poroma. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis solves the difficult problem of overlapping tissue structures by obtaining a three-dimensional image of the breast. Overall, Planmed Clarity 3D provides clear reconstructions with better visibility of microcalcifications and sensitive tissues thanks to the patented Continuous Sync-and-Shoot™ method. This new approach to tomosynthesis eliminates motion blur and artifacts, and provides clear visibility of minor calcifications and blood vessels.

Planmed’s unique innovations

Planmed Clarity™ 3D provides both 2D and 3D images.

ContinuousSync-and-Shoot™ — synchronized continuous imaging that captures sharp images without fuzzy edges. Synchronization is provided by the detector, which is always focused on the focal spot, while the topographic tube moves along the specified parameters. This technology allows to see the smallest details of thin tissues and microscopic calcifications.

SideAccess™ Patient Positioning System — optimal ergonomics for female patient positioning

TomoMarker™ technology delivers crisp, artifact-free images with enhanced sharpness. The specialist sees more than was previously possible due to the optimal imaging geometry at angles of +/-15°. The technology performs the final iterative synthesis, providing a high-quality and clear picture.

The MaxView™ Breast Positioning System is a patented system for presenting breasts in all standard mammography projections, including RCC and RMLO. Thanks to the technology, the maximum diagnostic view of the mammary gland, pectoral muscles and inframammary region is achieved.

Two customizable touch screens

Planmed Clarity™ Flow— convenience и usability in everyday work

Full Field Flex-AEC™ — Auto Exposure Control (AEC) technology automatically adjusts and records the area of interest for optimal image quality in any imaging mode.

Robust Detector and Ultra-Compact Bucky — robust and durable detector with ultra-compact Bucky.

PlanmedClarity™Manager is software that has been developed in accordance with the recommendations of radiologists. The examination specialist can fully concentrate on the female patient, without being distracted by the technical nuances associated with the operation of the unit.

Full field of view digital detector effectively absorbs X-rays. The detector is placed inside the compact and reliable Bucky.

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