Planmed Clarity S

Planmed Clarity S digital mammograph — X-ray apparatus with essential accessories

The Planmed Clarity™ S system is the ideal choice for cost-effective digital mammography. The device can process the most demanding workloads such as routine screenings and biopsies are also possible. Reliable Planmed technology guarantees high performance and quality results.



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Improved ergonomics

The Planmed Clarity™ S system comes with many of the popular features of the Planmed Clarity product family. Features such as:

  • OneTouch ™ workflow — convenience и usability in everyday work
  • Extended handrails and a curved chin beamshield enhance staff and patient comfort.
  • The plates provide gentle pressure and adapt to the anatomy of the breast, reducing pain and discomfort during the examination.
  • Data collection workstation includes Planmed Clarity™ Manager — software that has been developed in accordance with the recommendations of radiologists. The examination specialist can fully concentrate on the female patient, without being distracted by the technical nuances associated with the operation of the unit.

Key particular qualities:

  • Best choice for routine screenings and diagnostic studies
  • Small and compact size, easy to install
  • Rugged and reliable system with the latest scanning technology
  • Excellent ergonomics and usability

Brief technical characteristics:

  • a-Si detector technology
  • Detector size 24 x 30 cm
  • Pixel size 83 µm
  • Anode X-ray material — Tungsten
  • Filters Rh (rhodium), Ag (silver), with automatic change
  • Rotation range from -135 to +180 degrees
  • Vertical travel: 81 to 138 cm
  • Source to skin distance 65 cm
  • 2.1 MP Monitor
  • Stereotaxic biopsy function (optional)
  • Tomosynthesis function (optional)
  • Planmed Clarity S advantages

For radiologists:

  • Exceptional image quality for the most accurate diagnosis.
  • Ergonomic design and maximum usability with an intuitive interface.
  • Compact size.
  • Operation from a standard 220V electrical outlet.
  • Attractive design, choice of different colors.

For patients:

  • Comfort during the procedure, due to the ergonomic design.
  • Procedure rapidity.

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