ClearVue 650

The new ClearVue 650 ultrasound system from Philips, which was presented in the USA, allows you to see the face of the unborn child and follow its development even at the earliest stages.

The face of the baby in the womb can be seen using the unique Auto Face Reveal technology that the ClearVue 650 is equipped with. The system allows you to accurately determine the date of conception, recognize fetal movements 2 weeks earlier than usual, and identify possible cardiac abnormalities in the early stages.


ClearVue 650 is a lightweight and affordable system with a wide range of applications. It can be used in urology, obstetrics and gynecology, breast, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal studies, for abdominal and general imaging. The system implements the possibility of four-dimensional visualization (4D), which improves the quality of studies and the accuracy of diagnostics. Important advantages for doctors when working with the system are automation and improvement of the workflow.

Improved visualization quality
The Philips ClearVue 650 ultrasound system is equally multi purpose and elegant. As you use it for a wide variety of examinations, you’ll find that even more richness hides beneath its smooth and graceful forms — the best image quality and intuitive operation that sets this system apart from other ultrasound devices. In addition to excellent 2D image clarity, the system provides easy operation in 3D and 4D modes and is equipped with features focused on gynecological and obstetric ultrasound diagnostics, which allow you to get important information. ClearVue 650 is really excellent.
A complete set of transducers with original Philips Active Array Technology supports general cardiac, vascular, abdominal and OB/GYN exams, as well as specialty exams such as breast and musculo-skeletal system.

Transducers supported by the ClearVue 650 system:
ClearVue650 1: sectoral — S4-1
ClearVue650 2: convex — C5-2
ClearVue650 3: convex — C9-4v
ClearVue650 4: linear — L12-4
ClearVue650 5: convex — V6-2
ClearVue650 6: convex — 3D9-3v

If you can’t see you can’t diagnose. Image quality remains the most important consideration when working with any ultrasound equipment. With Philips solutions, you can always get high-quality images with additional 2D, 3D imaging and quantification tools.

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