CoughAssist E70

CoughAssist E70 mechanical cough assist machine with accessories, Respironics, Inc., USA

The CoughAssist E70 removes begma from the lungs by gradually increasing positive airway pressure and then rapidly changing to negative pressure. The resulting strong expiratory flow causes a deep natural cough.


Particular qualities
Non-invasive ventilation of the lungs reduces the risk and discomfort during the procedure
Instead of inserting a suction catheter into the airway, the device allows for non-invasive ventilation using a face mask, mouthpiece, or a simple adapter that makes the device compatible with an endotracheal or tracheotomy tube. This reduces discomfort and the risk of infection, while effectively removing begma from the trachea and bronchi.

Light weight allows easy portability
The CoughAssist’s light weight (less than 4 kg) makes it a compact and easy to transport device that can be used almost anywhere.

The oxymetrical module allows you to control the oxygen content
Check oxygen saturation levels before and after treatment with the recommended oxymetrical module.
SpO2 and heart rate are displayed on the screen.

Warranty and service programs protect your investment
CoughAssist E70 Standard and Collateral Extended Warranties and Service Agreements are designed to protect your investment.

Automatic sensitivity setting ensures comfortable treatment
Cough-Trak, a unique activation mechanism with automatic sensitivity setting, allows the device to be synchronized with the patient’s breathing for advanced inspiratory support. It helps to control the therapy more closely and provides a comfortable and natural treatment.

The bag provides easy transport
The CoughAssist E70 carrying bag can be worn on the shoulder or attached to an wheelchair. You can also put an additional battery, circuit and other accessories in it.

Various power sources set a new standard for mobility
In addition to using AC and DC power supplies, the CoughAssist E70 also features a removable Lithium-Ion battery that sets a new standard for mobility, allowing up to four treatments on a single charge. You can easily remove and replace the battery (including with the battery of the Trilogy).

Data management improves clinical reporting and efficiency
Induce the most effective cough with the feedback from the CoughAssist E70. Patients and physicians can view data such as tidal volume, maximum cough expiratory flow, and oxygen saturation to improve the effectiveness of therapy. DirectView software enhances clinical reporting and analysis by displaying cough waves, short-term trends and usage patterns.

The stand allows you to easily move the device
The CoughAssist E70 stand can be mounted with a CoughAssist device or a CoughAssist/Trilogy combination. Its compact size makes it easy to move around at home or from patient to patient in a medical facility.

Foot pedal allows hands-free operation
You can use the foot pedal during manual therapy. It can be connected to the remote control socket on the back of the CoughAssist E70.
Intuitive user interface ensures usability of the CoughAssist E70

The digital display and pushbutton controls make inspiratory/expiratory settings and therapy easier than ever. The device is easy to use in both manual and automatic modes.

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