Efficia DFM100

Efficia DFM100 monitor defibrillator provides:

Deliver 150 J (recommended adult defibrillation energy level) for 5 seconds using the proven Philips SMART biphasic therapy technology found in our premium HeartStart defibrillators.


Can be used for both adults and children for defibrillation, monitoring, synchronized cardioversion or pacing. The device uses the same set of electrodes, so medical professionals do not need to check the correct choice of electrodes for a given group of patients.

  • Reliability and convenience
  • Adaptation to emergency needs.
  • Reducing the cost of support.
  • The patient category button allows you to quickly switch between different patient categories; at the same time, the device automatically changes the limit values of the parameters, analyzes the rhythms and, if necessary, prompts the user to make a shock.
  • The defibrillator supports automatic defibrillation (AED), including for children.
  • It is based on the Philips SMART Analysis algorithm, which provides first responders with easy step-by-step defibrillation instructions, which was first introduced by Philips and is used in all Philips automatic defibrillators.
  • Additional parameters (SpO2, NIP, expiratory CO2) for continuous monitoring of vital signs.
  • The patient contact indicator on the electrodes provides immediate information about the placement and presence of electrode contact, helping you to act more confidently in first aid.

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