The MAGNUM Biopsy System is a reusable biopsy system that is the leader in soft tissue biopsy.

Designed for diagnostic studies of soft tissues, such as the mammary gland, prostatic gland, thyroid gland, lungs, liver, nephros, prostate, spleen, lymph nodes and others.



The small size (12 cm), light weight (250 g) and ergonomics of the system allow to increase the accuracy of control and ease of use of the device during the biopsy procedure.
The sole reusable biopsy system that allows you to perform the procedure with one hand without noticeable effort, preventing arm fatigue.
A powerful spring straightening system ensures a high speed of needle insertion and high-quality biopsy sampling, eliminating unwanted deviation of the tool and unnecessary traumatization to the organs under study.
Possibility to choose two depths of needle penetration — 15 mm and 22 mm, which allows you to achieve the desired result with different positions of the instrument insertion.
The design and versatility of the MAGNUM® tool make it the ideal choice for efficient biopsy of a wide range of anatomical sites. The high speed and precise shot guarantees excellent sample quality for a variety of clinical applications.

Particular qualities:

  • Single handed use
  • Choice of two penetration depths — 15 mm or 22 mm
  • Grip safety of an accidental shot
  • System ready indicator
  • Storage and transport case

Disposable needles
The cannula has a unique tip geometry that deviates 15° when shot to ensure perfect samples are obtained.
The unique needle spacer ensures correct placement of the needle within the biopsy system and is easily removed after the needle is placed in the tool. In addition, the spacer ensures sterile insertion of the needle into the tool.
The needle has a centimeter marking, which facilitates control over the process of its introduction. The range of lengths and diameters of the needles matches virtually every procedural need.
High sampling speed and precise needle design ensure excellent tissue samples. Trihedral laser sharpening and sharp needle edges minimize tissue perforation.
To retrieve multiple biopsies in a single puncture, optional TruGuide coaxial needles are used.

Particular qualities:

  • Trihedral laser sharpening
  • Luer/Luer-Lock syringe connector
  • Echogenic tip
  • Centimeter echo notch
  • Echo-contrast coating at the end of the cannula
  • Connector for coaxial guidewire
  • Comes with a spacer for installation and control
  • Needle diameter color code
  • Collection tray length — 19 mm
  • Aseptic package
  • Plastic protective tube

Additional information

Brand name

Bard Reynosa S.A. DE C.V., USA


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