Affiniti 30

Affiniti 30 U/S system (scanner) manufactured by Philips.

The bleeding-edge ultrasound diagnostic device, with which you can most effectively carry out the most complex studies.

The Philips Affiniti 30 U/S unit is equipped with advanced tools for various examinations. It is an efficient and reliable device that provides high image quality and fast diagnostics. Intuitive interface and convenience in operation will make the doctor’s work comfortable and productive.


Philips Affiniti 30 — designed for balanced performance

The Philips Affiniti 30 ultrasound scanner will allow you to be on the cutting edge: it’s designed to work for balanced performance with innovations that meet the needs of hospitals and clinics operating under high pressure conditions.

If it is important for you to get diagnostic information quickly without sacrificing accuracy, if you need advanced functionality without sacrificing ease of operation, if you need an ergonomic and in the same breath durable system that can handle ample patient stream, if you want to provide the best level of service in the same breath saving time and resources, then the Philips Affiniti 30 is your choice because this ultrasound scanner helps you achieve a such balance.

Affiniti 30 allows you to work in high-pressure environments without extra costs. The overall cost remains moderate thanks to energy-saving technologies, comprehensive reliability testing that extends lifetime of the scanner, and a modular structure that allows for quick troubleshooting.

Precise beamforming, Tissue Specific Presets (TSP), and other automation and efficiency tools optimize the workflow at high throughput.

Packed with innovative technologies, the Philips Affiniti 30 delivers advanced clinical applications, fast scanning, high quality imaging and excellent results, even in difficult cases.

Precise beamformin over a wide dynamic range ensures high spatial and contrast resolution and image uniformity in the field of view, reduces artefacts and noise. The Tissue Specific Imaging Mode allows you to automatically adjust over 7500 parameters, optimizing transducer settings based on the type of exam.

High image quality is complemented by modern tools, including strain elastography and 3D/4D imaging.

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