Ambulanc Е6

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation system: Е6 Ambulanc (Shenzhen) Tech. Co., Ltd, China

The device is intended for external compression of the thoracic cage of adult patients with acute cardiac arrest (suspension of spontaneous breathing, disappearance of the pulse and loss of consciousness).


Adjustable compression depth. The repeated negative pressure suction cup effectively prevents the thoracic cage from collapsing.

  • Touch screen with clear and user-friendly interface
  • Battery operated without the need for gas
  • Complies with the latest AHA and ERC guidelines
  • Portable, compact and lightweight

Optimal characteristic
High resolution color touch screen for displaying parameters and settings. Easy to operate, automatic positioning, one-button start. Carbon dioxide module, real-time monitoring of the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (option). Wireless communication function (option).

Double batteries
Built-in double batteries design, suitable for long-term rescue operation. Support charging while working to ensure uninterrupted performance. Simultaneously works with Amoul® deaerators

Additional information

Brand name

Ambulanc (Shenzhen) Tech. Co., Ltd, China


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