Ambulanc ALV Т6

Multifunctional Ambulanc ALV Т6 (Shenzhen) Tech. Co., Ltd, China

T6 is used for assisted ventilation and respiratory support in patients with respiratory failure (including babies, children and adults). The T6 may only be operated when securely attached to or mounted on an approved platform.


This ALV supports 13 breath modes (IPPV, VA/C, V-SIMV, PCV, PA/C, PSIMV, P-MMV, P-AMV, APRV, BiPPV, CPAP/PSV, HFNC, CPR) to be selected depending on the patient’s respiratory status.

  • This product sprays for a predetermined period of time.
  • T6 has an intelligent begma aspiration function, and the main unit extends the duration of oxygen flow by 2 minutes when the intelligent begma aspiration function is activated.
  • T6 allows you to adjust the oxygen concentration with a change within 5%.
  • The large 8.4-inch screen displays the parameters and the patient’s breathing curve.
  • The waveform diagram includes pressure, flow, volume, and end-tidal CO2 concentration (feature only available for ETCO2 module).
  • The doughnut chart includes pressure-volume, flow-volume, and flow pressure values.
  • The equipment is controlled by touch functions.
  • This product can be used by 3 categories of patients (adults, children, baybies). The category is selected by the user.
  • This equipment can be connected to an external active ETCO2 module to monitor end-tidal carbon dioxide values in real time.

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Ambulanc (Shenzhen) Tech. Co., Ltd, China


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