Ambulanc Т5

Medical Transport ALV unit Т5

(Shenzhen) Tech. Co., Ltd, China

T5 can be used to treat apnea and provide respiratory support. With adjustable breathing parameters, you can ensure that the ventilation of the ALV unit matches the patient’s own breathing.


Support 5G connection to display and transmit real-time data.

  • This equipment has two ventilation control modes: pressure control and volume control.
  • The driving mode for air suction of this equipment is pressure.
    This device has an electronic PEEP function.
  • This equipment has 10 breathing modes (IPPV/V-A/C/V-SIMV/P-A/C/PSIMV/PCV/CPAP/CPR/manual/HFNC) to choose from to adapt to the patient’s breathing in various conditions.
  • This device can adjust the oxygen concentration.
  • The large screen (7 inches) of this equipment can display the patient’s breathing parameters and waveforms. The large display of this equipment allows you to control the equipment by touch.

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Ambulanc (Shenzhen) Tech. Co., Ltd, China


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